I have personally and professionally witnessed the benefits of Dr. Karla Adair's knowledge and skill with ART. Three weeks after the birth of my daughter, I developed bilateral hip pain and started to walk with a limp. My x-rays were negative and anti-inflammatory medication only offered minimal relief. My pain began to intensify therefore, I underwent 3 treatments with Dr. Karla and within one week was able to walk again and even start to run.

As a Physician Assistant in the North Liberty Community I have also referred my patients to Dr. Karla who have endured weeks of pain and have failed conservative treatment. She was successful at treating their aliment, hence improving their overall wellbeing. I will certainly continue to recommend her services in the future.
- Abby H.


Hi I'm Karma Bailey and I'm elated to tell you how Dr. Karla and her husband Nate have helped me overcome sciatica. Previously I had tried 2 epidurals, physical therapy and the pain clinic. Nothing gave me relief. Because a friend had success with ART, she then convinced me to try it. Dr. Karla's husband, Nate, is a trainer and he gave me specific exercises for my condition. Active Release Technique let me continue to exercise while still undergoing treatment. Dr. Karla and Nate are a dynamic duo and truly believe in a non-invasive treatment plan.
- Karma B.

Rotator Cuff

Thanks for fixing my shoulder!! It's much better now Dr. Karla. Can't believe how much scar tissue and injury you were able to work out. :) I'm sure I'll be seeing you again!
- Abby B.

Trigger Thumb & Lower Back Pain

I think ART is the BEST! My pain is GONE!

I first heard about Dr. Karla from a co-worker. I thought that ART sounded like it was worth checking into. A few months later I was having some issues with my thumb. Of course, Main Stream Docs wanted to do surgery. They said I had "Trigger Thumb". About this same time, my lower back went out. I then decided it was time to visit Dr. Karla. WOW! What a difference! My back was helped after just a couple of visits. My thumb is taking longer, but it is coming along without having to do surgery!

I highly recommend her office!! The ART treatments are what keep me going! It is a great addition to alternative medicine.
- Kim C.

Entire Body/Feet, Lower Back, Knees

When I first went to Dr. Karla I had much pain and lack of mobility in my lower legs due to neuropathy. I can now rotate my ankles, have feeling and am much improved. I have stenosis of the spine for which I am having periodic epidurals but her adjustments also help that condition. Recently, had much discomfort in my knee replacements, she found rigid muscles and was able to help that instantly. She also relaxes tightness in the left side of my neck. It has been a wonderful experience for me as I think I was looking a wheel chair right in the face. I do so appreciate her.
- Margaret B.

TMJ Pain

After 25 years of having a constant "popping" in my jaw without any painful episodes, I was caught unprepared for my first very painful sub-acute episode of TMJ Disorder or TMD. For 8 weeks I saw several practitioners looking for help; a dentist, a chiropractor (who does not practice A.R.T.), a nurse practitioner, my family doctor & finally a specialist in Oral Facial Surgery at Mayo Clinic. The dentist wanted to give me a splint that would've taken months to resolve the pain. The traditional chiropractor tried to adjust the position of my jaw to stop the "popping". The NP and PCP weren't quite sure what to do and referred me to the Mayo Clinic Surgeon who wanted to perform an Arthrocentesis & Arthroscopy, which had a very small chance of actually helping the problem.

The pain had gotten so bad, that not only were my talking and eating severely restricted but I missed more than 2 weeks of work. I opted out of surgery because the joint pain turned into muscle pain. On my sister's recommendation, I went to Dr Karla Adair for Active Release Technique. In 4 quick sessions she was able to improve my pain by 75% and helped me return to normal enough function that I was able to return to work without restrictions. I am very satisfied to have found Active Release Technique and will be returning to Dr Karla immediately if I should ever have another episode like this last one. At this time, my pain is not 100% resolved, but I have confidence that my pain will be resolved with just a few more sessions.
- Tiana H.

Lower Back Pain

I was introduced to the Active Release Technique at my first visit to Dr. Karla. Sitting behind a desk all day at work has not been good on my back. I went to see her, hoping to alleviate my back pain and stiffness. After she examined my back, Dr. Karla performed ART to my back muscles. It was a great feeling and I could tell the difference immediately. After a few months of ART treatments, my back issues are almost non-existent and I'm not making monthly trips to the chiropractor any more.
- Amy S.

General Pain

I have been an avid believer in Chiropractic care for about 27 years now. After moving to Florida and then back to Iowa, I found it almost impossible to find a Chiropractor that I thought was as good as the first Dr. I had as a teen growing up breaking horses and racing them cross country 50-100 mile races, which tends to be a little rough on the body. I recently decided to try Adair Chiropractic as I could not make the 100 mile drive to my original Dr. I was very skeptical about the type of technique I had read about but within a few minutes of chatting with Nate, I thought this might be ok. I cannot believe the difference in just one session at Adair Chiropractic. For someone who has been to several different doctors over the years I must say Dr. Adair is great. The combination of ART (Active Release Technique) and manual adjustment is a real winner in my book, as well as the "AIS" stretches taught to me by Nate for home care. I walked in somewhat of a skeptic and walked out a believer and continued patient of Adair Chiropractic.
- Jeff D.

Shin Splints

Dr. Karla,

I am AMAZED how much ART has helped me with my shin splints and other various issues with my ankles and feet! My shin splints were bad enough it hurt to just stand and walk, let alone run or do any exercise with impact. After 2 ART treatments, it no longer hurt to walk and after the 3rd treatment, I was able to resume my regular workout routine! Also, for several months prior to the ART treatments, I was unable to bend my big toe without extreme pain due to an old injury. I just realized after ART, I can bend it full range again with no pain.

Thank you so much for everything!
- Anita A.

Athletic Core and Strength

With the help of Dr. Karla and Nate at Adair Chiropractic, I have begun to successfully rehabilitate lifelong problems associated with core strength and flexibility. In the athletic activities I participate, I have noticed a marked improvement in overall performance plus a dramatic reduction in fatigue due to the subtle changes in my posture and gait resulting from my treatment at Adair. I continue to be treated at Adair Chiropractic as part of an ongoing regimen of proactive fitness and health care, and recommend them to anyone, athlete or otherwise, who seeks to improve their quality of life through holistic, practical treatment from knowledgeable health care professionals.
- Luke S.

Inward Turned Feet

Due to lack of space in the womb, our son was born with extremely tight muscles in his ankles and calf area, causing his feet to turn inward. This became increasingly worrisome to us as he began to walk and run. He was constantly falling down. After an unsatisfactory visit to an orthopedic specialist in Iowa City, we decided to give Dr. Karla Adair a try. Dr. Karla was very straight forward with us, explained our son's condition and how she was going to treat him with A.R.T.

After just the very first A.R.T session we saw results! We are so appreciative of Dr. Karla and her expertise in A.R.T. She has helped our little boy immensely. He no longer walks with his feet turned inward and has a much easier time keeping up with his older brother!

I highly recommend Dr. Karla to anybody who has small children. She is extremely gentle, compassionate, and patient. We are extremely grateful to her for helping our little boy get back on the path to perfect!
- Kylie - Mother of Toddler

Plantar Fasciitis

After spending years seeing podiatrists, visiting local sports clinic specialists, even trying acupuncture and another chiropractor for plantar fasciitis, a colleague told me to try Adair. I told her I would kiss her fee if it worked not believing it would. Well I haven't kissed her feet yet but it has worked! It took years to develop the problem and through Dr. Adair, Dr. Van Brocklin, Nate and the ART approach its 99% gone. No more inserts, no more physical therapy sessions twice a day. They really understand and are able to help with plantar fasciitis like no else I came across!

On a related personal note, I've sold real estate for 18 years now and I know there is a direct correlation between my feet feeling better and having my best business year ever this year. Thank you so much Adair Chiropractic.
- Mark S.